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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Japanese verb conjugation

I can now point you to a resource for Japanese verb conjugation - CoolJugator. CoolJugator gives you conjugations for the following Japanese verb tenses: Japanese verb conjugation tenses list

Here is a sample page of a verb conjugator page in Japanese:

As you can see, CoolJugator has not only the Japanese verb tenses but also usage information and even plenty of examples with English translations for each verb.

If you are learning Japanese, do try it out - will conjugate all your verbs in no time!

How to choose literature for language learning?

Literature selection tool analysis literature in the context of its difficulty on Interlinear books. It helps you choose literature to read even if you're still learning foreign languages.

The literature difficulty works for Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, French and a bunch of other languages. It checks for these factors:

  • grammatical difficulty of literature - the length of words, sentences, sentence structure, paragraph structure (I think) - all computed in terms of acknowledged scores which exist;
  • vocabulary difficulty - frequency vocabulary assessment in terms of different scores and factors, together with tables and data.

Here is a sample of the kind of analysis Interlinear books provides about a book:

Assessment of a book based on Frenquency Vocabulary by Interlinear Books

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A website about languages

If you are interested in the topic of languages, I suggest you visit a website about language learning called I Kinda Like Languages.

Friday, January 12, 2007

I'm moving - a totally new blog!

This is my last post.

I'm moving to another blog. This time I will be trying to post more regulary and make it more interesting.
The changes are just to the better. ;)

You can check out my new blog at

Saturday, December 24, 2005

USB Connected on iRiver T20

I unplugged my iRiver T20 but the message USB Connected just kept staying. So I seeked for help in forums. Thanks to KHRoN from MisticRiver forum which showed the solution.
Basically, all I had to do is press the reset button. It was not showed in any manuals or so had hard time searching it. Now, it was located:

iRiver T20 reset button

Just had to press it using a needle and voilĂ . The problem is solved.

Merry Christmas, by the way.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Attaching iRiver to Linux

After trying nearly several hours to attach my iRiver T20 to my Linux operating system, I just kept getting errors. Anyways, firstly I tried to simply mount it as an USB device. No luck. Then I found an article which tells the story: there are two types of iRivers - the ones, which use firmware and the ones which do not. Okay then, maybe mine does.
Downloaded ifp manager
(archLinux tutorial, check for other operating systems in search engines). Also downloaded usbview. It tells me that my USB is in /proc/usb/devices and can perfectly be found. Okay, so I run:
# ifp ls
iRiver iFP device not found.
Note: Please check USB connection.
Checked everything and still could not solve that.
Then, browsing in one forum, found the message, dated to December, 2005:
I have the same problem as mentioned earlier about the iRiver T30 on ubuntu. After reading through some threads on the misticriver-forum, I found out that the US and European version can't be used on linux because it's firmware is based on mtp (microsoft "secure" firmware) which ties it as mentioned in an earlier post, to windows media player. Further more iRiver isn't planning to release any ums-firm/software for the t-models, so all in all it seems that we just have to wait and see what iRiver does or someone manages to find a workaround.

Okay then, so I am short of ideas. Damn...

This blog has now moved!

I'm not writing here anymore. In fact, I never actually did. I just had a few seldom posts.

My new blog address is and that's there all the great stuff is going to be. ;)